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Stem Cells

Stem Cells Animation Project
Get the basics of Stem Cells in these animated short videos - narrated by Stem Cell researchers!

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Stem Cells 101
What are stem cells? Why is the research and innovation in this area so exciting? Learn stem cells basics and more here. These videos were made during the 2010 StemCellTalks at MaRS Discovery District.

          Stem Cells 101 Part 1 Stem Cells 101 Part 2 Stem Cells 101 Part 3

Transcript Part 1                                        Transcript Part 2                                      Transcript Part 3
Stem Cells 101 Part 1 (full-screen video)         Stem Cells 101 Part 2 (full-screen video)           Stem Cells 101 Part 3 (full-screen video) 


Stem Cells in Society
How will stem cell science change our world? What are the societal and ethical issues surrounding stem cells?  Explore interesting case studies. Examine the future potential and implications of stem cells in society.

Diabetes and Stem Cells Debate

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Student Question 1 Student Question 2

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Student Question 3 Student Question 4

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Let's Talk Science is pleased to be a recipient of a Stem Cell Action Award, for the multi-pronged approach to help students and educators gain insight on topics surrounding stem cells which includes this Curiocity stem cells section and associated teacher resources, plus initiatives like StemCellTalks, hands on classroom workshops, and more. For more information, visit the Let's Talk Science news bulletin.



Stem Cells Careers

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