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StemCellTalks is an outreach initiative established to facilitate knowledge transfer between academia and high school students pertaining to the science and practical ethics of stem cells. We want to improve the public’s understanding of basic stem cell science in combination with facilitating the development of ethical frameworks in which to address practical ethics, such to independently contemplate contemporary bioethics in a field characterized by rapid scientific advancement.


We want public thought regarding stem cells to focus on (1) the science, and (2) medical dilemmas relevant today; we want to move public thought away from the strictly philosophical arguments regarding stem cells, and facilitate the establishment of ethical frameworks in which to contemplate contemporary medical bioethics.


1. Delivery of scientific content through in-class presentations given by Let's Talk Science volunteers throughout the academic year.

2. Full-day symposium for senior biology high school students. This provides expert overviews of stem cell science and practical ethics, followed by breakout sessions led by graduate students.

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